Stuart Yeates wrote:

A great deal of heat has been vented in this thread, and at least a little light.

I'd like to invite everyone to contribute to the wikipedia page at in the hopes that it evolves into a better overview of the protocol, the ecosystem and their place on th web.

[Hint: the best heading for a rant wikipedia is 'criticisms' but you'll still need to reference the key points. Links into this thread count as references, if you can't find anything else.]

Good point - but writing Wikipedia articles is more work than discussing on mailing lists ;-) Instead of improving the OpenURL article I started to add to the more relevant[1] COinS article:

Maybe some of you (Eric Hellman, Richard Cameron, Daniel Chudnov, Ross Singer, Herbert Van de Sompel ...) could fix the history section which I tried to reconstruct from historic sources[2] from the Internet without violating the Wikipedia NPOV which is hard if you write about things you were involved at.

Am I right that neither OpenURL nor COinS strictly defines a metadata model with a set of entities/attributes/fields/you-name-it and their definition? Apparently all ContextObjects metadata formats are based on non-normative "implementation guidelines" only ??


[1] My bet: What will remain from OpenURL will be "a link server base URL that you attach a COinS to"

[2] about five years ago, so its historic in terms of internet ;-) By the way does anyone have a copy of ?

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