Since this topic came up on the list yesterday, here is an official update.

Service outage update

On Sunday, May 9, the primary OCLC data center in Dublin lost power during
required internal facilities maintenance activity.  OCLC staff worked
diligently to restore services as quickly as possible.  All systems are
fully recovered and operational.

OCLC schedules maintenance activities at typically low usage times.  We
regret any interruption of service, and apologize for any inconvenience to
our users.  We are confident that we have put in place systems that address
these issues for services today, and we continue to build on those systems
to plan for the future.

Additionally, in July, OCLC will implement the use of its secondary data
center for active/passive service configurations, which can fail-over and
back in minutes with minimal manual intervention.  In the future, we will be
able to use the secondary data center for active/active service
configurations, where services are load balanced in both data centers.

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