> To a greater degree, I think libraries ought to be putting into practice the 
> principles of our profession against public domain works. Collection. 
> Preservation. Organization. Dissemination. Take EEBO (Early English Books 
> Online), for example. Why couldn't the library community create something 
> like that? Why do we need to let Proquest own the theses and dissertation 
> market? Our profession is still not exploiting the technology and the 
> available content. Our Acquisitions Departments are really the Purchasing 
> Departments. We seemingly think we need to buy our content in order for it to 
> be valuable.
> --
> Eric Lease Morgan
> University of Notre Dame

Or, at least many of our administrators do. Many administrators seem
to follow the philosophy: "don't invest resources in building anything
locally that you can purchase from a vendor." Regardless of the value
(as determined by factoring quality and cost) of the product(s)
available for purchase.


Shirley Lincicum
Frustrated Cataloger

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