Eric, thanks-

I was actually going to post something to the drupal4lib list later today.

I intend to start developing this (I don't yet have permission from my
library, but I expect it'll be ok) and would love to do the development
simultaneously with folks at other libraries who are interested in pursuing
the idea.  I think there's value in it.

I was going to get started in Drupal 7 and was likely going to try using
something like jQuery Mobile in the theme since it'd provide some nice page
turning effects and great cross-device display, etc...
I won't get too specific now, again, I was going to move the conversation to
But I'd love to hear from anyone interested in joining the effort who would
help steer the construction of a theme in the most logical direction...


On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 9:09 PM, Eric Hellman <> wrote:

> The challenge I like to present to libraries is this: imagine that your
> entire collection is digital. Does it include Shakespeare? Does it include
> Moby Dick? Yes! Just because you don't have to pay for these works, doesn't
> mean that they don't belong in your library. And what if many modern works
> become available for free via Creative Commons licensing? Is it the
> library's role to promote these works, or should a library be promoting
> primarily the works it's paying for patrons to use?
> That's why I thought Nate's suggestions were worthy of attention from
> people who could potentially do practical things.
> The other hope is that if libraries can do compelling things with public
> domain content, there's no reason they couldn't do the same things with
> in-copyright material appropriately licensed. If the experience works, the
> rightsholders will see the value.
> On Apr 10, 2011, at 10:05 AM, Karen Coyle wrote:
> > I appreciate the spirit of this, but despair at the idea that libraries
> organize their services around public domain works, thus becoming early 20th
> century institutions. The gap between 1923 and 2011 is huge, and it makes no
> sense to users that a library provide services based on publication date,
> much less that enhanced services stop at 1923.
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