I am another self coder using my own ideas not stuck with legacy ideas
and using a web design with mysql db
I happen to use php and dont use a cms like many seem to these days. I
find use of a CMS somewhat restricting to the use of the database for
full speed. You may get a CMS up quickly but it can bite you when you
try to scale later, some have poor use of the database behind, I have
lurked and helped in #mysql for a number of years and seen that
problem a number of times.

Search is possible on smaller systems you just need to implement an
inverted index on the data you want to search
this can be complex and large, Solr, or Sphinx or even the one mysql
has built in a fulltext index. I went the way of creating the index in
my application, that gives me a multi table search.

I went beyond marc because I store subject info in the database.
A good example is

As mine is for my own personal book collection, some data is only
available on an internal view of the data eg shelf, or if I've lent to
someone and who.

The search "engine" can be separated out from the code and used in
other db schemas, I tried this on a partial marc import cherry picking
a few of the fields, this is web viewable too
applied to another set of data with computer manuals

I thought this would easily fit your system till I looked at django,
wrong language I use PHP, which will run anywhere almost.

If running your own server on own IP address then you just need to buy
a domain name and have it pointed to you, I happen to do similar
except I run the dns name server too so I can add as many sub domains
as I wish.
Running a name server means you need a secondary name server, get a
friend to do that.

Dave Caroline

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