@brice:  good point, its on the list now


>> University of Texas is switching to django for all of their internal DB
> >stuff like accounting and payroll for reasons that are obvious to anyone
> >has used django.

>Huh?  Django may be great, but this seems highly unlikely.

I may very well not have the correct information. But (just in theory) it
would be the work of an hour to map any database schema into django and then
use the python shell to navigate your database instead of raw sql.  HUGE
improvement right there (human readable inner joins, simple 'or'
relationships in queries, and on and on).  as an added bonus, all the data
you pull out is then immediately accessible to other python functions and

I'm not saying they are writing a pretty web interface.

Also, I could have been misinformed or misunderstood the UT austin CS
student I heard this from.

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