Nope, I really meant that some unlocked devices will work fine on T-Mobile's 
voice network but T-Mobile is blocking the data service on them. I have one 
such device, the Huawei S7, a 7" Android phone/tablet. When it first came out a 
little over a year ago people were using it on T-Mobile's data network, then 
one day a few months later it just quit working. For a time T-Mobile was also 
blocking data on jailbroken/unlocked iPhones (I have one of those, too), but 
then thought better of it and reversed that policy. I think the same may hold 
true for AT&T, but it's prices are outrageous anyway.

I'm not up to date on this topic, I just wanted to warn international visitors 
that swapping out SIM cards may not work as smoothly here as it does, say, in 
Europe where I've had really good experiences. I've pretty much given up on 
AT&T and T-Mobile for prepaid data in the US. I was able to get a good deal on 
a Virgin Mobile MiFi hotspot and that's what I use when I'm travelling for more 
than a couple of days and wifi is not readily available. But that's probably 
not a cost-effective solution for short-term international visitors here.


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> I think that "Some devices they don't sell are blocked from using the
> prepaid data service." would mean that those phones are locked by
> definition.
> Cary
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> >> I meant "phone purchased from T-Mobile." Some devices they don't
> sell are
> >> blocked from using the prepaid data service.
> >>
> >
> > Meaning an unlocked phone can be used for calls but not data? Weird.
> >
> > You should be able to use data on a properly unlocked phone. If you
> > couldn't do that, you'd think that the people who root their phones
> and
> > drop in a new ROM wouldn't be able to use service.
> >
> > I love TMO, but I wouldn't just go for the cheapest service. Check
> the
> > frequencies that your phone handles and of the carrier you plan to
> use.
> > Edge speeds really suck, particularly if you're tethering, and it's
> worth
> > dropping a bit more coin for something that actually works.
> >
> > kyle
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