I have 3 iOS devices:
iPad Mini running iOS 9.3.5
iPod Touch 5G running iOS 9.3.5
iPod Touch 6G running 10.0.2

OTA Install always worked on the iPad Mini and iPod 5G. It still works fine 
on the iPad Mini but on the iPod 5G I get the CodenameOne page displayed in 
the browser and touch Install but nothing happens. I do not get the Do you 
want to install dialog and the app is not updated.

The iPod Touch 6G is new, I had to upgrade as my other two devices would 
not take iOS 10. It has the exact same problem as the iPod 5G.

If I touch and hold the Install button I get the attached screen. If I 
touch Open nothing happens. If I do the same on the iPad the install starts 
when I touch Open.

Any ideas? I have checked browser settings on the iPods they seem the same 
as the iPad.

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