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IDE: NetBeans/Eclipse/IDEA NetBeans 8.2
Desktop OS Windows 10
Simulator 7.3
Device Simulator

I too am a Swing Developer and am looking for an action event on a Table so 
when I access a cell (focusgained) I can take an action like popup a dialog 
of choices, however
I am not sure which listener to use.
I have looked at the addFocusListener, however I do not receive focusGained 
or focusLost event

        A3TimeSheetTable is of class  com.codename1.ui.table.Table

com.codename1.ui.events.FocusListener() {
            public void focusLost(Component cmp) {
                System.out.println("focus Lost Component = "+cmp);
            public void focusGained(Component cmp) {
                System.out.println("focus Gained Component = "+cmp);

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