OK ive given up on trying to use:


My conclusion is that it has bugs, one of which being the menu will take 
over the screen on second use (making it useless). Things work OK without 
it (after days of hair tearing, and im already going bald :) )... 
ironically I rechecked the specification document and they do not want the 
form behind to scroll anyway...  

I really think the sidemenu is very confusing, but its working for now... 
thanks for all the help..  now back to my project!!! 

On Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 5:48:28 AM UTC+8, Gareth Murfin wrote:
> given up on trying to make my own topbar, my new question is simply, why 
> does nothing appear when I add to the built in one.. 
> this adds absolutely nothing somehow!!
>   tb.add(BorderLayout.NORTH,new Button("HELLO"));
>          tb.add(BorderLayout.EAST,new Label("HELLO"));
>          tb.invalidate();
> i saw you added a search textfield on our website, but how????
> On Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 5:21:56 AM UTC+8, Gareth Murfin wrote:
>> please see video here at 25 secs, first open works, second open takes 
>> over screen, this is when i use tb.setHidden(true);
>> why?
>> On Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 5:14:09 AM UTC+8, Gareth Murfin wrote:
>>> And failing that i just want to hide the topbar thing, which works until 
>>> you open the side menu a second time, and then it takes over the whole 
>>> screen and you cant get out... any ideas why that is? 
>>> I think this side menu stuff is the hardest thing about cn1, same with 
>>> my previous projects, ive had to tell people they cant use one at times.
>>> so this works BUT if you open menu again (second time) it takes over 
>>> whole screen and youre stuck, this is killing me
>>> tb.setVisible(false);
>>>        tb.setHidden(true);
>>> On Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 4:56:26 AM UTC+8, Gareth Murfin wrote:
>>>> thanks Shai, was unable to get it working unfortunately, but ive 
>>>> managed to salvage a project where it does work and start my project again 
>>>> using that, theres some mystery in there I dont understand.  One thing I 
>>>> go 
>>>> know is that if you call tb.setHidden(true); then when the side menu comes 
>>>> out it will simply take over the whole screen and not leave the one behind 
>>>> it. 
>>>> My main problem right now is, how do you add things to the topbar? the 
>>>> thing with the hamburger menu in it, I cant get components to appear in 
>>>> there, I need to add labels and some more buttons, how do you do that ?
>>>>  tb.add(BorderLayout.NORTH,new Label("arse")); // doesnt show up in the 
>>>> topbar...
>>>> On Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 11:36:36 AM UTC+8, Shai Almog wrote:
>>>>> I would suggest styling the side menu UIID's to have no padding/margin.

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