We have much larger apps built with Codename One but a rule of thumb is 
problematic as bytecode/binaries can translate to vastly different things 
after compilation.

Having said that performance is a big topic. I spent a lot of time talking 
about it in the online course and I still feel it's a nail that's hard to 
hit on the head. The problem starts with the description "performance" 
which is way too vague.  I doubt memory is the issue on that ipad. I'm 
guessing there are two many repaints and complex styles which trigger slow 
code pathways. Use the performance monitor on a particularly slow form. 
Then go through the tree of operations you see occurring within the 
hierarchy. A graphics operation that doesn't make sense might lead you down 
an optimization path. 

You can also use standard Java profilers to find bottlenecks in your code. 
Performance improvements on the simulator are usually translated to 
improvements on the device.

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