I am using AutoCompleteTextField as a rendered Table Cell. 
After looking more closely, I was instantiating a new 
AutoCompleteTextField  within the createCell method.
I have stored a new createCell( instance in a vector and pass that element 
to the createCell method.
for each row, I instantiate and store in this Vector
                Vector myAutoCompleteTextFields.addElement(new 

                        cell = (AutoCompleteTextField) 
                        ((AutoCompleteTextField) cell).setText((String) 
super.getModel().getValueAt(row, column));

This resolved the null pointer exception.
However I am experiencing a display issue.
Initially the Table renders the strings as expected, however when I touch 
to edit then touch elsewhere (lose focus) the
cell is no longer rendered in that the cell is blank. (When querying the 
table contents, the data is as expected. Just not seeing in screen)


Thanks in advance


On Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 7:00:18 PM UTC-4, shop.servi...@gmail.com 
> If you are experiencing an issue please mention the full platform your 
> issue applies to:
> IDE: NetBeans/Eclipse/IDEA NetBeans 8.2
> Desktop OS Windws 10 Pro
> Simulator Latest
> Device PC, IOS 12+ Android 6+
> [EDT] 0:2:35,975 - Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException - null
> java.lang.NullPointerException
>  at 
> com.codename1.ui.AutoCompleteTextField$FormPointerPressListener.actionPerformed(AutoCompleteTextField.java:464)
>  at 
> com.codename1.ui.util.EventDispatcher.fireActionSync(EventDispatcher.java:459)
>  at 
> com.codename1.ui.util.EventDispatcher.fireActionEvent(EventDispatcher.java:362)
>  at com.codename1.ui.Form.pointerPressed(Form.java:2946)
>  at com.codename1.ui.Component.pointerPressed(Component.java:4502)
>  at com.codename1.ui.Display.handleEvent(Display.java:2145)
>  at com.codename1.ui.Display.edtLoopImpl(Display.java:1152)
>  at com.codename1.ui.Display.mainEDTLoop(Display.java:1070)
>  at com.codename1.ui.RunnableWrapper.run(RunnableWrapper.java:120)
>  at com.codename1.impl.CodenameOneThread.run(CodenameOneThread.java:176)
> Uncaught Exception is this code:
> Container layered = f.getLayeredPane(AutoCompleteTextField.getClass(), 
> true);
> Form f = getComponentForm();
> Where "f" = null;Causing the Exception.
> Thoughts?
> Regards

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