Hello everybody,

we're proud to announce the availability of our new feature release,
collectd 5.8.0. There are *a lot* of new features and they are all
mentioned in the ChangeLog below.


The new version is available in source-code form from collectd's
download page. The direct download links are:

  * https://collectd.org/files/collectd-5.8.0.tar.bz2
    SHA-256: b06ff476bbf05533cb97ae6749262cc3c76c9969f032bd8496690084ddeb15c9


Thanks to everybody who contributed to this version. In particular:

Aleksei Zakharov, alex2grad, archii, Brandon Arp, bufadu, Carlos
Vicente, Christian Bartolomäus, Christian Ehrhardt, Clemens Gruber,
Damian Bogel, daniacs, Default, Denes Matetelki, Denis jawa Pompilio,
Denis Silakov, Denys Fedoryshchenko, Ed Ravin, Florian Forster,
Francesco Romani, Igor Pavlikevich, Ivan Kurnosov, jaroug, Jeremie
Courreges-Anglas, Jiri Prokes, Kim Jones, Krzysztof Matczak, Lionel
Cons, Marc Fournier, Marcin Jurkowski, Marek Becka, Maryam Tahhan,
mcorbin, Miroslav Lichvar, Volodymyr Mytnyk, Nathaniel Wesley Filardo,
Pavel Rochnyak, Pierre Mauduit, Piotr Popieluch, Przemyslaw Szczerbik,
Richard Kojedzinszky, rmakulov, Roman Korynkevych, Ruben Kerkhof,
Saikrishna Arcot, Sean Campbell, Sebastian Harl, Serhiy Pshyk, Steven
Bell, Sven Trenkel, Taras Chornyi, Taylor Cramer, theairkit, Thomas
Jost, Tomofumi Hayashi, trustchk, usev6, Vincent Brillault, Wilfried
Goesgens, Xavier G, YmrDtnJu, Yves Mettier

I'd also like to thank the OPNFV Barometer project generally and Intel
specifically for contributing six(!) new plugins which are new in this
release! Thank you!


2017-11-17, Version 5.8.0
  * collectd: The core daemon is now completely licensed under the MIT
  * collectd: Added daemon option to avoid making BaseDir. Thanks to
    Nathaniel Wesley Filardo and Florian Forster. #2422
  * collectd: Global variables have been moved to their own module to make
    porting collectd easier. Thanks to Sean Campbell. #2467
  * collectd as well as Apache, memcached, OpenLDAP, Perl, RouterOS, SNMP,
    Tail-CSV plugins: Free userdata for "plugin_register_complex_read()".
    Thanks to Pavel Rochnyack. #2349
  * Collectd client library: Added parsing and server code. Thanks to
    Florian Forster. #2258
  * Build system: Dependency on libltdl has been removed, support for
    libtool 1 has been dropped. Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #1898
  * Build system: The build system has been switched to non-recursive
    make. Thanks to Ruben Kerkhof. #2085
  * APC UPS plugin: The plugin's configuration is now optional. Without a
    "<Plugin />" block reasonable defaults will be used. Thanks to Pavel
    Rochnyack. #2351
  * Chrony plugin: Several issues found when working with a stratum-1
    server have been fixed. Thanks to Miroslav Lichvar. #2190
  * Ceph plugin: Support for the Ceph version "Luminous" has been added.
    Thanks to Aleksei Zakharov. #2464
  * CPU plugin : Linux-specific "guest" states have been added. Thanks to
    Xavier G. #2439
  * cURL plugin, cURL-JSON, cURL-XML, DBI, FileCount, memcachec, Oracle,
    PostgreSQL, Table, Tail, Tail CSV plugins: The ability to configure
    the "plugin" field of generated metrics has been added. Thanks to
    Pavel Rochnyack. #1944, #1681, #1558
  * cURL-JSON plugin: Parsing of arrays has been fixed. Thanks to Florian
    Forster. #2281
  * DPDKEvents plugin: This new plugin reports link status and keep alive
    events. Thanks to Maryam Tahhan, Harry van Haaren, Serhiy Pshyk,
    Kim-Marie Jones, Krzysztof Matczak, Przemyslaw Szczerbik, Christian
    Ehrhardt and Luca Boccassi. #2157, #2348, #2400, #2405, #2417
  * DPDKStat plugin: The plugin has been refactored to make DPDK related
    utility functions reusable. Thanks to Krzysztof Matczak, Przemyslaw
    Szczerbik, Christian Ehrhardt and Luca Boccassi. #2130, #2348, #2400,
    #2405, #2417
  * DPDKStat plugin: The "LogLevel" and "RteDriverLibPath" config options
    have been added. Thanks to Jiri Prokes. #2505
  * Email plugin as well as Exec and Unixsock plugins: Use
    "_SC_GETPW_R_SIZE_MAX". Thanks to Florian Forster. #2451
  * FileCount plugin: Custom values for reported plugin, type and type
    instance. Thanks to Pavel Rochnyack. #1979
  * GenericJMX plugin: Support for "AtomicInteger" and "AtomicLong" has
    been added. Thanks to Pierre Mauduit. #2158
  * gRPC plugin: Support for meta data has been added. Thanks to Taylor
    Cramer. #2378
  * IPC plugin: Fixed failed compilation on AIX. Thanks to Pavel
    Rochnyack. #2357
  * Intel PMU plugin: This new plugin collects CPU performance metrics
    using Intel's Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU). Scaling information
    added to metadata. Thanks to Serhiy Pshyk and Roman Korynkevych.
    #2276, #2398, #2374
  * Intel RDT plugin: Support for collectd's logging infrastructure has
    been added. PQoS monitoring groups are being reset on start-up to fix
    potential previous unclean shutdowns. Thanks to Roman Korynkevych.
  * IPMI plugin: Support for System Event Log (SEL) has been added. Thanks
    to Roman Korynkevych. #2091
  * IPMI plugin: Support for remote IPMI controllers has been added.
    Thanks to Pavel Rochnyack. #2024
  * LVM plugin: A check for the "CAP_SYS_ADMIN" capability has been added.
    This will give users an informative warning when the process is not
    running with the required privileges for this plugin. Thanks to
    Florian Forster. #2426, #2499
  * mcelog plugin: This new plugin subscribes to Machine Check Exceptions
    (MCE) and dispatches notifications. Metadata reset. Thanks to Maryam
    Tahhan, Volodymyr Mytnyk, Taras Chornyi, Krzysztof Matczak and Roman
    Korynkevych. #2003, #2246, #2380
  * MQTT plugin: Add support for TLS in "Subscriber" blocks. Thanks to
    Florian Forster. #2434
  * memcached plugin: Persistent connections have been implemented. Fix
    hit ratio reporting, add connections rate report. Thanks to Pavel
    Rochnyack. #2388, #2385
  * memcached plugin: The type of the "listen_disabled" metric has been
    changed to "total_events". Thanks to Florian Forster. #2386, #2468
  * Netlink plugin: The dropped packets metric has been added. Thanks to
    Denys Fedoryshchenko. #2053
  * NFS plugin: Support for NFS 4.2 metrics has been added. Thanks to
    Marek Becka. #2369
  * NFS plugin: Config options to ignore specified NFS versions have been
    added. Thanks to Christian Bartolomäus. #2430
  * NUT plugin: The "ConnectTimeout", "ForceSSL", "VerifyPeer" and
    "CAPath" options have been added. Thanks to Pavel Rochnyack and Steven
    Bell. #2145, #2354
  * OpenLDAP plugin: A segfault after a connection failure has been fixed.
    Thanks to Pavel Rochnyack. #2377
  * Openvpn plugin: Added support for status files from latest OpenVPN-2.4
    and possible from future versions. Thanks to Pavel Rochnyack. #2352
  * OVS Events plugin: This new plugin reports link state changes from
    Open vSwitch (OVS). Thanks to Volodymyr Mytnyk. #1971
  * OVS Stats plugin: This new plugin reports bridge / interface
    statistics from Open vSwitch (OVS). Thanks to Volodymyr Mytnyk and
    Taras Chornyi. #2137
  * Perl plugin: Bugfix, added check of proper interpreter initialization.
    Thanks to Pavel Rochnyack. #2391
  * PostgreSQL plugin: The plugin now sets the "application_name"
    parameter when connecting to the database. Thanks to daniacs. #2497
  * Processes plugin: The I/O operations reported for selected processes
    has been fixed. The metric "ps_disk_octets" has been renamed to
    "io_octets" because it actually contains the number of I/O operation
    by the process, not just disk related I/O. Same for "io_ops"
    (previously "ps_disk_ops"). The new metric "disk_octets" has been
    added and is reporting disk I/O only. Add option to collect the count
    of active memory maps for Linux processes. The "CollectFileDescriptor"
    and "CollectContextSwitch" options have been added. Thanks to Pavel
    Rochnyack and to Wilfried Goesgens. #2232, #2454, #1989
  * Processes and TCPConns plugins: The OpenBSD implementation has been
    changed to use "kvm_openfiles" with "KVM_NO_FILES". Thanks to Jeremie
    Courreges-Anglas. #2061
  * Python plugin: Extend Notification class to include metadata. Thanks
    to Volodymyr Mytnyk. #2135
  * Python plugin: The "CollectdException" class has been added. This
    allows to throw an exception without a stack trace being logged.
    Thanks to Sven Trenkel. #2330, #2346
  * Sensors plugin: Support for (electrical) current has been added.
    Thanks to Clemens Gruber. #2255
  * SNMP plugin: Error handling has been improved: a potential double-free
    is now avoided (potentially leaking memory) and handling of
    non-failing subtrees has been fixed. Thanks to Pavel Rochnyack. #2449
  * SNMP plugin: The "Timeout" and "Retries" config options have been
    added. Thanks to Carlos Vicente. #1472, #2488
  * SNMP Agent plugin: This new plugin implements an SNMP AgentX subagent
    that receives and handles queries from SNMP master agent and returns
    configured metrics. Thanks to Roman Korynkevych, Serhiy Pshyk and
    Pavel Rochnyack. #2105, #2362
  * Synproxy plugin: This new plugin provides statistics for Linux
    SYNPROXY. Thanks to Marek Bečka. #2381
  * Tail plugin: Allow the calculation of several distributions in one
    "tail" instance through a "bucket" type. Thanks to Pavel Rochnyack.
  * Turbostat plugin: Import "msr-index.h" header from Linux and better
    support for mutliple packages. Thanks to Vincent Brillault. #2445,
  * Uptime plugin: Changed implementation to read from "/proc/uptime"
    instead of "/proc/stat". Update for Linux and AIX, uptime is read
    directly using a system call. Update for BSD and Solaris, uptime is
    calculated by subtracting boot time from current time. Thanks to Ivan
    Kurnosov and Marcin Jurkowski. #2431, #2034
  * UUID plugin: Support for libhal has been removed. Thanks to Ruben
    Kerkhof. #2080
  * Varnish plugin: Extended the varnish plugin with varnish-plus
    counters. Fixed invalid data source type. Thanks to Denes Matetelki.
    #2453, #2463
  * virt plugin: The plugin has been updated to use
    "virConnectListAllDomains()". Thanks to Denis Silakov. #2051
  * virt plugin: Support for domain tags has been added. Thanks to
    Francesco Romani. #2048
  * virt plugin: Connection handling has been improved. Thanks to
    Francesco Romani. #2100, #2101
  * virt plugin: Many metrics have been added, including disk, hypervisor
    CPU usage, performance monitoring events, domain state, CPU pinning
    (affinity), file system, and job statistics. Thanks to Francesco
    Romani and Przemyslaw Szczerbik. #2103, #2175, #2168
  * Write Graphite plugin: Additional tests have been added. Thanks to
    Florian Forster.
  * Write HTTP plugin: The "Attribute" and "TTL" options for the KairosDB
    format have been added. Implementation of "Prefix" option. Thanks to
    jaroug, Denis Pompilio and Pavel Rochnyack. #2199, #2252, #2482
  * Write MongoDB plugin: Memory leaks have been fixed. Thanks to
    Saikrishna Arcot. #2307
  * Write Prometheus plugin: Label values are now properly escaped. Thanks
    to Florian Forster. #2035
  * Write Redis plugin: Add "max_set_duration" to set duration for value.
    Thanks to Tomofumi Hayashi. #2440
  * Write Riemann plugin: Export times with microsecond resolution. Thanks
    to mcorbin. #2315
  * Write TSDB plugin: The options "ResolveInterval" and "ResolveJitter"
    have been added to control DNS lookup behavior. This prevents DNS
    flooding in case TSDB is not available. Thanks to Yves Mettier and
    Florian Forster. #2059
  * ZFS ARC plugin: Header lines are now ignored in the Linux
    implementation. Thanks to YmrDtnJu. #2097

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