Modbus is Big endian.  With 32 bit and float it would follow that the 16bit
registers that are combined to form a 32bit value would also be big
endian.  Sadly some folks don't do it this way and we have a mixed endian

Instead of ABCD with register[n] having AB and register[n+1] having CD, you
end up with

CDAB. with register[n] having the low order bytes (CD) and register[n+1}
having the high order bytes.

Here is a patch against tip as of an hour ago that adds:  Uint32LE,
FloatLE, and Int32LE types to handle this.

I can put this up in GIT but before I hastle with that:  Does anyone have
any feedback on this?  It's pretty straight forward but somefolks have
strong feelings about variable names, etc..

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