Hey everyone,

I am attempting to use the following plugin -
https://github.com/Yuav/collectd-iscdhcp to monitor a local isc-dhcp

The collectd config block looks like this :

LoadPlugin python

<Plugin python>
  ModulePath "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/collectd_iscdhcp/"
  Interactive false
  Import "collectd_iscdhcp"
  LogTraces true

Everything looks like it loads correctly but it seems that no stats are
sent to my influxDB instance. I have tried running the python script
manually but as the collectd module is not accessible externally, I have
had a hard-time troubleshooting the issue. I do see that other plugins are
sending data to influxDB correctly so it seems okay on that side.

Is there a more verbose log setting I can enable somewhere? I'd like to see
the output from the python module itself.

Thank you

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