The Quest for The Ultimate Learning Machine

DEAR 118
Mon, 10/24/2016 - 4:00pm

Pradeep Dubrey

<p>Traditionally, there has been a division of labor between computers and 
humans where all forms of number crunching and bit manipulations are left to 
computers; whereas, intelligent decision-making is left to us humans.&nbsp; 
We are now at the cusp of a major transformation that can disrupt this 
balance. There are two triggers for this: first, trillions of connected 
devices (the “Internet of Things”) converting the large untapped analog 
world around us to a digital world, and second, (thanks to Moore’s Law) 
beyond-exaflop levels of compute, making a large class of structure learning 
and decision-making problems now computationally tractable. In this talk, I 
plan to discuss real challenges and amazing opportunities ahead of us for 
enabling a new class of applications and services, “Machine Intelligence 
Led Services”.&nbsp; These services are distinguished by machines being in 
the ‘lead’ for tasks that were traditionally human-led, simply because 
computer-led implementations are about to reach and even surpass the quality 
metrics of current human-led offerings.</p>



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