Sucwinder Bassi created CASSANDRA-12794:

             Summary: COPY FROM with NULL='' fails when inserting empty row in 
primary key 
                 Key: CASSANDRA-12794
             Project: Cassandra
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: CQL
         Environment: Tested using C* 2.1.15
            Reporter: Sucwinder Bassi

Using this table:

CREATE TABLE testtab (  a_id text,  b_id text,  c_id text,  d_id text,  
order_id uuid,  acc_id bigint,  bucket bigint,  r_id text,  ts bigint,  PRIMARY 
KEY ((a_id, b_id, c_id, d_id), order_id));

insert one row:

INSERT INTO testtab (a_id, b_id , c_id , d_id , order_id, r_id ) VALUES ( '', 
'', '', 'a1', 645e7d3c-aef7-4e3c-b834-24b792cf2e55, 'r1');

Use COPY to dump the row to temp.csv:

copy testtab TO 'temp.csv';

Which creates this file:

$ cat temp.csv 

Truncate the testtab table and then use copy from with NULL='' to insert the 

cqlsh:sbkeyspace> COPY testtab FROM 'temp.csv' with NULL='';
Using 1 child processes

Starting copy of sbkeyspace.testtab with columns ['a_id', 'b_id', 'c_id', 
'd_id', 'order_id', 'acc_id', 'bucket', 'r_id', 'ts'].
Failed to import 1 rows: ParseError - Cannot insert null value for primary key 
column 'a_id'. If you want to insert empty strings, consider using the WITH 
NULL=<marker> option for COPY.,  given up without retries
Failed to process 1 rows; failed rows written to import_sbkeyspace_testtab.err
Processed: 1 rows; Rate:       2 rows/s; Avg. rate:       3 rows/s
1 rows imported from 1 files in 0.398 seconds (0 skipped).

It shows 1 rows inserted, but the table is empty:

select * from testtab ;

 a_id | b_id | c_id | d_id | order_id | acc_id | bucket | r_id | ts

(0 rows)

The same error is returned even without the with NULL=''. Is it actually 
possible for copy from to insert an empty row into the primary key? The insert 
command shown above inserts the empty row for the primary key without any 

Is this related to

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