Tim Whittington created CASSANDRA-12795:

             Summary: CASSANDRA-12127 changes ordering of empty buffers in 
reversed columns
                 Key: CASSANDRA-12795
                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CASSANDRA-12795
             Project: Cassandra
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: Core
            Reporter: Tim Whittington

A change to the ordering contract of empty buffers in reversed columns was 
introduced for all maintained branches (2.1.16, 2.2.8, 3.0.9, 3.8) during the 
fix for CASSANDRA-12127 by [~blerer].
This change has wider consequences than those stated in the [comment 
introducing the 
 though, and the implications aren't really called out in the release notes 
clearly, so rather than litigate it in the comments I'm creating a new issue to 
get a clear public position on the change.

The change made was to alter the contract that the ordering of an empty byte 
buffer is always < a non empty byte buffer, in both ASC and DESC contexts - 
specifically the change introduced in 0.8 as the fix for CASSANDRA-3111 to make 
empty buffers < valued buffers in  ReversedType was reverted.

This changes the ordering of empty buffers in clustered columns with DESC 
ordering, but also in DynamicCompositeType (and CompositeType) values with DESC 
components. We have production code and data that relies on this behaviour, and 
it's not clear from the release notes whether the updates to scrub will also 
correct that data.

So the questions I have are:
* Was the existing behavior actually 'wrong', requiring a change? What was the 
actual (functional/specification) bug that was fixed by the change?
* Is the new behavior the desired behavior in general? The new behavior is more 
inline with 'typical' RDMS behaviour of ordering now, but then again they tend 
to support per-query NULLS FIRST/NULLS LAST, so there's no strict 'right' 
behaviour here.
* Did this change introduce a regression for CASSANDRA-3111?
* Will the scrub approach fix the ordering of empty buffer values in 
DynamicCompositeType columns? If not, what do we do with production data 
created pre-2.2.8 mixed with data created with 2.2.8?

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