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    Update what's new page for about page
    Signed-off-by: Rohit Yadav <>
 source/about.rst  | 62 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
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diff --git a/source/about.rst b/source/about.rst
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--- a/source/about.rst
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@@ -17,20 +17,54 @@
 What's New in |version|
-Version |release| includes 339 pull requests and fixes more than 272 bugs since
-the last release. Version |release| is much larger than usual and had a 
duration of about 10 months.
+Version |release| includes more than 400 commits, 220 pull requests that fixes
+more than 250 issues since the last release. Version |release| is much larger
+releases that was worked on for 8 months.
-A LOT changed in this release, so this is not a complete list, but here is a 
-quick summary of some of the changes.
+A LOT changed in this release, so this is not a complete list, but here is a
+quick summary of some of the changes:
+* Support for XenServer 7.1 and 7.2, and improved support for VMware 6.5.
+* Host-HA framework and HA-provider for KVM hosts with and NFS as primary 
storage, and a new background polling task manager.
+* Secure agents communication: new certificate authority framework and a 
default built-in root CA provider.
+* New network type - L2.
+* CloudStack metrics exporter for Prometheus.
+* Cloudian Hyperstore connector for CloudStack.
+* Annotation feature for CloudStack entities such as hosts.
+* Separation of volume snapshot creation on primary storage and backing 
operation on secondary storage.
+* Limit admin access from specified CIDRs.
+* Expansion of Management IP Range.
+* Dedication of public IPs to SSVM and CPVM.
+* Support for separate subnet for SSVM and CPVM.
+* Bypass secondary storage template copy/transfer for KVM.
+* Support for multi-disk OVA template for VMware.
+* Storage overprovisioning for local storage.
+* LDAP mapping with domain scope, and mapping of LDAP group to an account.
+* Move user across accounts.
+* Managed storage enhancements.
+* Extend config drive support for user data, metadata, and password (Nuage 
+* Extra DHCP options support (Nuage Networks).
+* Nuage VSP 5.0 support and caching of NuageVsp ID's.
+* Nuage domain template selection per VPC and support for network migration.
+* Support for watchdog timer to KVM Instances.
+* Support for Secondary IPv6 Addresses and Subnets.
+* IPv6 Prefix Delegation support in basic networking.
+* Ability to specific MAC address while deploying VM or adding a NIC to a VM.
+* VMware dvSwitch security policies configuration in network offering
+* Allow more than 7 NICs to be added to a VMware VM.
+* Network rate usage for guest offering for VRs.
+* Usage metrics for VM snapshot on primary storage.
+* Enable Netscaler inline mode.
+* NCC integration in CloudStack.
+* The retirement of the Midonet network plugin.
+* Several UI Improvements.
+* Embedded Jetty and improved CloudStack management server configuration.
+* Improved support for Java 8 for building artifacts/modules, packaging, and in
+  the systemvm template.
+* A faster console proxy startup and service availability.
+* A new Debian 9 based systemvm template that patches systemvm without 
+  reboot.
+* Several optimizations and improvements to the virtual router including better
+  support for redundant virtual routers and strongswan provided s2s and remote
+  access vpn.
-* IPV6 support for basic networking
-* Virtio-Scsi disk controller support for KVM
-* Ability to disable primary storage to secondary storage backups for snapshots
-* VMSnapshot (including memory) support for KVM on NFS
-* RBD snapshot backups to secondary are now QCOW2 rather than raw to save space
-* Strongwan VPN Improvements
-* Nuage VSP SDN Plugin: Shared networks support, Guest DNS support, Source- 
and Static-nat to Underlay and support for Nuage VSP 4.0
-* Significant performances improvements related to Virtual Router Deployment
-* Force power off/stop support for KVM, VMware and XenServer
-* Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements
diff --git a/source/compat.rst b/source/compat.rst
index c4c519a..09b298b 100644
--- a/source/compat.rst
+++ b/source/compat.rst
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ indicate compatibility with CentOS 6.2, 6.1 and so on.
 -  RHEL versions 6.3, 6.5, 6.6 and 7.0
 -  CentOS versions 6.8, 7
--  Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
+-  Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 17.04 LTS
 Software Requirements
@@ -42,9 +42,9 @@ CloudStack supports three hypervisor families, XenServer with 
 and VMware with vSphere.
 -  CentOS 6.2+, 7.0+ with KVM
--  Ubuntu 14.04LTS, 16.04LTS with KVM
+-  Ubuntu 14.04LTS, 16.04LTS+ with KVM
 -  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 with KVM
--  XenServer versions 6.1, 6.2 SP1, 6.5 and 7.0 with latest hotfixes
+-  XenServer versions 6.1, 6.2 SP1, 6.5, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 with latest hotfixes
    .. note:: It is now required to enable HA on the XenServer pool in order to 
recover from a pool-master failure. Please refer to the `XenServer 
documentation <>`_.

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