wido commented on a change in pull request #3724: Storage-based Snapshots for 
URL: https://github.com/apache/cloudstack/pull/3724#discussion_r366370846

 File path: 
 @@ -1456,22 +1496,65 @@ public Answer createSnapshot(final CreateObjectCommand 
cmd) {
             final KVMPhysicalDisk disk = 
primaryStore.getUuid(), volume.getPath());
             if (state == DomainInfo.DomainState.VIR_DOMAIN_RUNNING && 
!primaryPool.isExternalSnapshot()) {
                 final String vmUuid = vm.getUUIDString();
-                final Object[] args = new Object[] {snapshotName, vmUuid};
-                final String snapshot = SnapshotXML.format(args);
+                boolean isKVMEnabled = cmd.getContextParam("kvmsnapshot") != 
null ? Boolean.parseBoolean(cmd.getContextParam("kvmsnapshot")) : false;
+                s_logger.debug(String.format("Snapshots on KVM is enabled %s", 
+                if (isKVMEnabled) {
+                    long size = 0;
+                    OutputInterpreter.OneLineParser parser = new 
+                    Script sc = new Script("virsh");
+                    sc.add(String.format("qemu-monitor-command %s '{ 
\"execute\" : \"query-block\" }'", vmName));
 Review comment:
   All the calls to libvirt from the agent are done through the Java bindings. 
If we suddenly start to execute virsh from Java we work around all the existing 
code which is there to have an open connection with libvirt.
   In addition you can only check on exit status and not handle exceptions 
properly coming back from libvirt.
   If we are lacking features in libvirt-java those need to be added through 
the libvirt project.

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