zihengCat opened a new pull request #9184: New property in 
`CoordinatorDynamicConfig` to retain a flexible duration for stale 
URL: https://github.com/apache/druid/pull/9184
   ### Description
   Add a new property in `CoordinatorDynamicConfig` to retain a ***flexible*** 
duration for stale pendingSegments.
   Hardcode `Period("P1D")` in `DruidCoordinatorCleanupPendingSegments` isn't 
flexible enough, open a configurable property to users maybe much better. 
   private static final Period KEEP_PENDING_SEGMENTS_OFFSET = new Period("P1D");
   > Note: hardcode in `DruidCoordinatorCleanupPendingSegments`
   In each section, please describe design decisions made, including:
    - Choice of algorithms
    - Behavioral aspects. What configuration values are acceptable? How are 
corner cases and error conditions handled, such as when there are insufficient 
    - Class organization and design (how the logic is split between classes, 
inheritance, composition, design patterns)
    - Method organization and design (how the logic is split between methods, 
parameters and return types)
    - Naming (class, method, API, configuration, HTTP endpoint, names of 
emitted metrics)
   <!-- It's good to describe an alternative design (or mention an alternative 
name) for every design (or naming) decision point and compare the alternatives 
with the designs that you've implemented (or the names you've chosen) to 
highlight the advantages of the chosen designs and names. -->
   <!-- If there was a discussion of the design of the feature implemented in 
this PR elsewhere (e. g. a "Proposal" issue, any other issue, or a thread in 
the development mailing list), link to that discussion from this PR description 
and explain what have changed in your final design compared to your original 
proposal or the consensus version in the end of the discussion. If something 
hasn't changed since the original discussion, you can omit a detailed 
discussion of those aspects of the design here, perhaps apart from brief 
mentioning for the sake of readability of this PR description. -->
   <!-- Some of the aspects mentioned above may be omitted for simple and small 
changes. -->
   This PR has:
   - [x] been self-reviewed.
   - [x] added documentation for new or modified features or behaviors.
   - [x] added Javadocs for most classes and all non-trivial methods. Linked 
related entities via Javadoc links.
   - [x] added comments explaining the "why" and the intent of the code 
wherever would not be obvious for an unfamiliar reader.
   - [x] added unit tests or modified existing tests to cover new code paths.
   - [x] added integration tests.
   - [x] been tested in a test Druid cluster.
   ##### Key changed/added classes in this PR
    * `CoordinatorDynamicConfig`
    * `DruidCoordinatorCleanupPendingSegments`

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