jihoonson opened a new pull request #9564: Framework for aggregate testing; 
Example tests with LongSumAggregatorFactory
URL: https://github.com/apache/druid/pull/9564
   ### Description
   We currently have decent number of tests for the aggregate, but even with 
them, we have been having hard time to write good tests verifying all edge 
cases. A most recent example could be a couple of bugs found in sql-compatible 
null handling mode. I think this is because we had to write every test from 
scratch due to the lack of a good framework.
   This PR adds a new framework, `AggregateTestBase`, which generates random 
data including nulls for all data types. The data can be stored in either 
`IncrementalIndex` or `QueryableIndex` depending on a parameter, the caller can 
test reading from both of them. 
   To use the same data generator with our benchmarks in `AggregateTestBase`, I 
renamed some classes including `BenchmarkSchemaInfo`, `BenchmarkColumnSchema`, 
`BenchmarkDataGenerator`, `BenchmarkColumnValueGenerator` and moved them to 
   Some example tests are found in `LongSumAggregateTest`. This class tests 
only `aggregate()` and `bufferAggregate()` using the data generated by 
`AggregateTestBase`. There are a couple of more new tests in 
   This PR has:
   - [x] been self-reviewed.
      - [ ] using the [concurrency 
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   - [ ] added documentation for new or modified features or behaviors.
   - [x] added Javadocs for most classes and all non-trivial methods. Linked 
related entities via Javadoc links.
   - [ ] added or updated version, license, or notice information in 
   - [ ] added comments explaining the "why" and the intent of the code 
wherever would not be obvious for an unfamiliar reader.
   - [x] added unit tests or modified existing tests to cover new code paths.
   - [ ] added integration tests.
   - [ ] been tested in a test Druid cluster.
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   ##### Key changed/added classes in this PR
    * `MyFoo`
    * `OurBar`
    * `TheirBaz`

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