Cédric Krier pushed to branch branch/6.0 at Tryton / Tryton

1afe1238 by Cédric Krier at 2024-03-21T16:55:01+01:00
Use duck typing to convert single UPS package into a list

It seems that UPS has fixed its API such that it always returns a list for
PackageResults but it is still better to test the actual result.

Closes #13116
(grafted from 5aeb838f993f9d5e55c10a4b24f9ad6cd67eae55)
- - - - -
7044a568 by Cédric Krier at 2024-03-27T19:38:52+01:00
Fix typo when processing refund on charge refund updated webhook from Stripe

Closes #13137
(grafted from 97365472565f7863c23a576e7d1eaf92f78ef0d0)
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21800e68 by Cédric Krier at 2024-03-28T09:25:55+01:00
Do not round Decimal to validate digits

Decimal may raise an InvalidOperation error if the context does not allow the
needed precision.
But rounding is not necessary for Decimal as we can just test the exponent
from the tuple version.

Closes #13138
(grafted from 776889be97e4c1b8917a9090338511d8008c625b)
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f62b301f by Cédric Krier at 2024-04-01T15:16:31+02:00
Include advance payment invoices when searching by sales

Closes #13148
(grafted from 078410b3e2abd2b1a8e685d6109937dab076c3c6)
- - - - -
25c2f08c by Nicolas Évrard at 2024-03-11T12:43:53+01:00
Instantiate PYSON.Bool expression with new from PYSON.Not instances

Closes #13177
(grafted from 1d8a5b96e3b2d099c0009bc16e18e77cfb860134)
- - - - -
a0bf64a4 by Nicolas Évrard at 2024-03-11T16:35:39+01:00
Use PYSON's Bool evaluation for PYSON's Not evaluation

Closes #13096
(grafted from 009133813b11f264b5e038dc9c5912dc9e0101cb)
- - - - -
fce3587f by Cédric Krier at 2024-03-17T11:36:24+01:00
Use min date as default From Date for start amount of general ledger

Closes #12660
(grafted from 06bc271a0d51d43f06306dc2c872ccd07979d50d)
- - - - -
e06e0db7 by Cédric Krier at 2024-03-21T09:47:45+01:00
Use format from server locale as fallback for date in graph view

Closes #13112
(grafted from e775636be6cacf93c9250070ce9b17e40977075f)
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4561e69b by Cédric Krier at 2024-04-02T00:34:25+02:00
Do not commit new transaction for database error processing
(grafted from 15d80de804c51a5557fae817f697201f08abfa99)
- - - - -
1a64c8db by Cédric Krier at 2024-04-02T16:39:06+02:00
Return False on the callback on readonly window Form

When a readonly Form is closed, the callback result should always be False as
the opened record has not changed.

Closes #13156
(grafted from 9ad99fba8a531f2456d1808f32fe3b9fbc598f2e)
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4b194b4d by Cédric Krier at 2024-04-02T16:47:01+02:00
Do not deduce current payment from the amount of the sale

Closes #13157
(grafted from 4222a311839fe3341a27e9c2be3d931403802be3)
- - - - -

16 changed files:

- modules/account/account.py
- modules/account_payment_stripe/payment.py
- modules/sale_advance_payment/account.py
- modules/sale_payment/account.py
- modules/stock_package_shipping_ups/stock.py
- sao/src/pyson.js
- sao/src/window.js
- sao/tests/sao.js
- tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/graph_gtk/graph.py
- tryton/tryton/gui/window/win_form.py
- tryton/tryton/pyson.py
- trytond/trytond/model/modelsql.py
- trytond/trytond/model/modelstorage.py
- trytond/trytond/pyson.py
- trytond/trytond/tests/test_field_numeric.py
- trytond/trytond/tests/test_pyson.py

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