On 6/19/20 7:19 PM, Owen O'Malley wrote:
We unfortunately have a lot of master/slave and whitelist/blacklist
terminology usage in Hadoop. It will take a while to fix them all, but one
is easy to fix. In particular, we have a "master" branch that hasn't been
used since the project reunification and we use "trunk" as the main branch.

I propose that we delete the "master" branch. Thoughts?

I am totally fine with the proposed change.

But as I am a non-native English and a non-US speaker, can you please help me to understand the question better?

While master/slave pair seems to be obvious reference to the slavery I don't know what "master" branch means without "slave" branches.

Based on the dictionary there are multiple meanings:


In my native language the primary meanings are 1/c and 1/b (We have almost the same world with Latin origin). A lot of meanings are missing (2/a,b,c...)

But it's very hard to imagine what secondary meanings are common in a different country/culture. I would ask for some help to understand it better.

1. Can you please help us to understand how do you use "master" in the everyday life? What kind of meanings come in to your mind at first?

2. Is it common to associate to the 2 / d / 2 meaning? ("an owner especially of a slave or animal")

3. Is it common to associate to the 1 / a / 1 meaning? ("a male teacher"). Is it really a male thing?

(Actually even if only 3 is true: I would prefer something which is not a male)

Again, I am +1, but would use this opportunity to learn.


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