Since you mentioned not breaking backwards compatibility I started
working on a fresh implementation which I think is coming along very
well and I intend to contribute back to the commons.

I've uploaded JavaDocs of what progress I've made so far. I figure I'm
about 45% done not including unit tests. See the org.mcarthur.....

JavaDocs for only the public interface:

JavaDocs including private members:

I am interested in becoming a commiter someday.

On 10/29/05, robert burrell donkin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > re: 33264, 36719, 36904, 37153
> >
> > these all suffer from issues with backward compatibility. i'd like to
> > have a little think and then move the discussion to a new thread.
> there are a couple of issues which i needed a bit of time to think
> about.
> IMHO these changes will improve pool (though some details need more
> discussion) but are not backwards compatible with the existing 1.x
> releases. so, if these are applied pool would need to be moved forward
> to 2.0. moving to 2.0 open doors for other revisions.
> the recent synchronization fixes are important so one more 1.x release
> would also be needed.
> i created a new branch from trunk (before committing the above patches).
> the trunk version is now 2.0-dev. all of these patches (save the
> collections one) have now been committed. i've haven't committed the
> collections patch since i wonder whether it might be better to break the
> dependency entirely.
> as always, opinions encouraged :)
> a more significant issue is that pool really seems short of an active
> development community. there are patches from developers out there and
> the existing committers haven't been very active for a while. so,
> perhaps all that's needed is an effort to restart active development.
> i'm stretched pretty thin already. so, i'd need some help from
> developers to kick start pool developmen. this might lead to 1.3 and 2.0
> releases. any volunteers interested?

Sandy McArthur

"Government big enough to supply everything you
need is big enough to take everything you have ...
The course of history shows that as a government
grows, liberty decreases." -- Thomas Jefferson

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