Hi there,
I've tried finding a solution to what I think should be quite a simple
problem using the Commons Digester, but the tutorials I can find on the
subject only really cover the basics and aren't of any help. 
Given an XML fragment like the following:
<article id="_1234">
I need the Digester to call a method on an Article class, with the
following signiture:
public void setId(long id);
In other words I just need a Rule that will fire for an XML "id"
attribute, and remove an underscore from the front of a String before
converting it to a long, and calling the appropriate method.
I realise that this will require some kind of custom class to chop up
the String, but the pattern you apply to matching the rule
("article/id") appears to refer to a nested id element, rather than an
id attribute. 
I can't seem to find an example of this anywhere. All the custom rules
examples appear to refer to nested elements. Any suggestions? Have I
missed something in the API?

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