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>>What I would like to do is use a catalog.xml file to store the chain, and
>>add the appropriate attributes to the given command element.
>>i.e. <command name="EmailUser" className="com.bs.email.Emailer"
>>smtpServer="xyz.abc.com" .../>
>>In order to achieve such functionality, what would I have to do, set the
>>appropriate rules in the ConfigParser's Digester?
>You don't have to change the configured digester rules at all -  just
>add getters/setters as appropriate - so in your case adding
>setSmtpServer() and getSmtpServer() methods to your Emailer command
>and when the xml is parsed they will get called with the values you've
>specified in your xml.

Ok, cool. Though is it possible for these attributes to be classes?

Not quite sure what you mean - do you want something like
setFooClass(Class fooClass)?

Anyway its not something I've tried by AFAIK the set properties rule
in Digester uses BeanUtils.populate() - which uses any registered
Converters - there is one for "Class" - so the above
setFooClass(Class) example should work with the String value specified
in your XML being converted to a Class.

Best way with these types of things is always to give it a go and see
what happens.



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