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> wrote:
> Hi AfriNIC Board,
> Can this board please *urgently* inform this community as to what 
> preparations they have made as regards to compliance with the General Data 
> Protection Regulations passed by the European Commision and the board will be 
> in a position to give this community a full and complete report as to their 
> GDPR compliance status and what will be changing before the 25th of May to 
> ensure that when the GDPR comes into force AfriNIC is compliant.

Is Mauritius signatory to some treaty making them subject to GDPR?
> Considering that the regulation comes into force on the 25th of May 2018 – 
> and AfriNIC is 100% holding data of EU Citizens, which makes them subject to 
> the regulations irrespective of the fact that they are domiciled in Mauritius 
> – this is an urgent and critical issue.  It has direct impact on the whois 
> database, abuse contact information, handling of data submitted during 
> application process and potentially even the proposed review policy, just to 
> name a few things that I can think of off the top of my head – and cannot be 
> ignored.  I would in fact have liked to have seen discussions by the board in 
> the minutes that have been published about the GDPR long before now – 
> considering the impact – but failing that – the question is now being asked.

It’s not about EU Citizens. It’s about EU Residents. (Common misconception 
about GDPR).

Further, unless your in a silly country that was dumb enough to sign a treaty 
extending EU’s legal reach into your sovereignty, such as the stupid congress 
of the united States, then you can offer the EU a nice big Italian sign 
language gesture regarding their GDPR and continue on with business as usual.


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