hat you were representing a personal stance on root certificates, =
apache know how, and security.

I'll remember this in the future, and thank you for being honest about =
(that wasn't sarcasm)

Tim O'Brien=20

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> On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> > > a friend of the court brief for the "Board vs. Wiki".
> >
> > Board vs. Wiki?  That's somewhat amusing in its timing, considering=20
> > that the Chairman of the Board, as a private individual not in an=20
> > official capacity,
> Tim: Bear in mind that in the ASF we almost never have our=20
> board/chair or committer hats on - but virtually always talk=20
> as normal peer to peer beings.
> Only seldom wil someone with his 'hat' make a statement; and=20
> in that case you will usually see that that then comes from=20
> (in my case) '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' and often has an pgp=20
> signature. Things are mostly about consensus; and rarely, if=20
> ever, do we need more.
> The number of messages like that are typically less than 2 a=20
> month for me. (And most go to license or copy right violators=20
> anyway). (And - yes I know that there _ARE_ people who use=20
> their ASF address for normal day to day work - and I=20
> personally frown upon that. ;-) ;-).
> But, and slightly with less of a smiley, is that the fact=20
> that your message thus comes across as a bit crass - and=20
> implies actions by officials; which in most cases are=20
> confused with their personal stances.
> Dw, just a person.

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