The Jini community is in the mix of going Open Source and I would like to 
influence Sun to choose the ASL2.0. However, 

Are there other license possibilities? Sure. The Apache 2.0 license I
mentioned is one:
Against our desired characteristics, it's failing is that the Free
Software Foundation (creator of the GPL) says it isn't GPL
compatible. We feel pretty strongly that we want a GPL compatible
license, and we think the patent non-assertion promise coupled with
the MIT license will be acceptable those who would otherwise prefer
the Apache 2.0 license.

So how is it? Is ASL2.0 GPL compatible or is it not?

If it is NOT, then there are a lot of swamp out there in the Linux world, 
where Apache products are used to create larger apps which are GPLed.

Please note the direction here... IOW,  Can I re-license an ASL2.0 product 
under the GPL??
I thought I could. Why does Sun quote FSF saying I can't do that?

Does anyone know, and preferably have any authorative-like links ??

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