Sun have decided to put the Jini specification, documentation and reference 
implementations under an OSS license. Early on, the discussion of which 
licensed circled around; BSD, MIT and ALv2.

After a lengthy debate on the pros and cons, especially in respect of the 
patent rights expressed in ALv2 vs BSD/MIT + a separate 'patent promise', it 
seems that the Jini community have swayed Sun from initially wanting to use 
the MIT license to now go for the ALv2.

Other Jini contributors, will be encouraged to license their projects in the 
same manner.

What this means for the Java community at large, is that Jini can finally 
a) be adopted as a core technology in many fields, 
b) new exciting Jini applications can be developed from scratch,
c) the OSS communities can take a shot at improving the reference 
d) even implementing the specs from scratch if we like.

It will still take the Jini team some time to get all the paper work sorted 
out over at Sun.

I think this news together with the arrival of JDO at ASF are the best news, I 
have heard in a long time.


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