On Thursday 20 January 2005 05:13, Henri Yandell wrote:
> All sounds great but the open sourcing of the spec confuses me. How
> exactly is that going to work? Has anyone open-sourced a spec before?

AFAIU, that is a reference to the fact that the specification contains 
classes, that have previously also been under the SCSL and negatively 
impacted the spread of Jini.

> Will the official version of the Jini spec remain within the JCP?

Jini has its own community process (consisting of two "Houses", one for 
corporations and one for individuals) and that will remain. Sun has indicated 
that they don't intend to start a separate foundation/organization similar to 
ASF or Eclipse, and think (together with many community members) that the 
current jini.org setup is in other aspects good.


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