contains a calendar for the upcoming ApacheCON, taken from the small
python script (255 lines currently) that I hacked for last year's one.

I will run the script again from time to time, and try to keep it
updated and solve any problems that happen with it. The script is in the
committers repository, under tools/iCalendar, together with a test.html
sample file and a test.ics corresponding to the generated calendar.

I found bugs (a unscheduled session, showing empty day/duration) which I
solved by moving unknown sessions to July 23th.

I'll try to clean the script a bit to make it more robust and portable,
for instance moving variable strings into a config session in the

It is very handy for keeping the session info in a calendaring app, as
some of you may know from last year. It includes full summary (it needs
some hacking to replace html markup with text), and speakers with a fake
mailto: link, as mandated by the iCal specification. It loads under
evolution 2.0.3, though I experienced a couple crashes while modifying
the script. I'd recommend to save everything before trying it. 

Happy hacking, and see you there if all goes well.
Santiago Gala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
High Sierra Technology, SLU

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