david reid wrote:
Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
david reid wrote:
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
On 8/12/06, david reid <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I did some work a while back on creating a distributed calendar for the
Great, thanks! I have added an entry for the Cocoon GetTogether and
things worked as expected, such a calendar is very useful IMHO.
Excellent! Now, if only more folks would use it! Spread the word!
One thing I'm not sure of - should it remove past events? I'd prefer if
it keeps them...

Presently it doesn't include past events in the output (though they are
still in the files it scans unless the owner removes them), but I can
easily add another output file that includes only the past events.

I'd like to have an output file with all - past and future - events together :)

was mentioned, but I never quite got round to doing it. Until there is a
clear indication of the longevity of the work I wasn't keen to spend too
much time - I'm sure we can all relate to that? :-)

Let's hope it sticks - it is very convenient to have all this in iCal :)


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