I've been mulling over a better style for the community.a.o website. While it's simple and to the point, it feels like the style could be more welcoming, and have a few more signposts to specific topics on the homepage.

It always feels easier to click through to something when perhaps the Newcomers para on the homepage actually has a few welcoming examples of - downloading software, getting the source, finding your way around, etc. instead of just a "newcomers page".

Is there anyone tied to the style or layout here that I might offend? 8-)

- Broader and more explanatory/welcoming intro section

- Each of newcomer/contributor/committer sections has brief description, then a handful of specifically named links to the sub-page (anchors about tech/community/other info, etc.)

- Beef up History section to include public records (all board reports, the original resolution), plus links to the /foundation/governance and the /history pages on the a.o site

- Better and more frequent mention of this mailing list and other mailing lists. We need to make it really easy to draw people into the appropriate list(s) so they can start the conversation.

- Shane, hoping to improve here soon

Stretch goal is adding simple table, with direct links to key how-it-works, etc. pages for top concepts people might search for: Get the code, Download software, Report bugs, etc. - probably with columns for "geeks" and "newcomers" (the geek ones go directly to svn.a.o or similar; the newcomer versions go to explanatory pages under /dev, etc.)

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