Hi Jmeter team,


We are having some troubles when we try to set the configuration to upload a
file through Jmeter. It is an ECM web application and is to save, manage and
store many kind of documents and all these actions require lots of mouse
clicks. The main application module is to import documents and to scan
documents from a scanner connected to the computer and store this. But when
we try to configure these modules into Jmeter, it is not working.


The application works this way:


- Import module: We fill the text fields with the required information,
then, we press the selection button and an selection window is opened to
select the file on the path chosen. After this the file is carried into the
document that is being created and then, after this, the document is


- Scan module: We fill the text fields with the required information, then
we press the scan button and then, the image is scanned and is showed in the
viewer, then we finish the document.


In both modules are possible to import or scan more than one file or image.
We need Jmeter to do this, to upload more than one file at the same time.


Our application records the log report, but when we try to check if the
action occurred, there's no log about what has been done.


Do you know who can help us to solve this problem?


Since now, thanks for your help.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,





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