On Sun, 2 Dec 2007, hank williams wrote:

> > - external sensors (cadence, heart rate) Many bicycle computers show 
> > cadence and heartrate, based on input from external sensors. Could 
> > something like that be done with the Neo?
> >
> I am a cyclist and these inputs would be critical for me. All that
> stuff is wireless. I wonder if it would be possible to create a
> wireless interface for these things, or a bluetooth interface for a
> heartrate and cadence monitor. Actually, bluetooth heart rate and
> cadence devices would probably hurt polar (the leader in the field)
> since open source software for these things would be much better than
> what they produce, and at a far better price.

You can get receivers for Polar chest straps that signal beats with 
gpio-accessible pulses. If the Neo1973 isn't completely packed inside, it 
should be an easy add-on. And Polar doesn't seem to mind other people 
doing better and cheaper software, so long as it requires buying Polar 

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