I've been taking it easy with the FSO Milestone 2 image - nice piece  
of work, not as fully functional as 2007.2, but appears to me more  
stable and intuitive. I don't think the questions below are unique to  
this environment, but that's what I'm using on my Neo Freerunner.

When I connect with USB Networking to my Ubuntu 8.04 host, it is  
sufficient to simply set up the via ifconfig on both systems the  
connection, to place the DNS server used by the Ubuntu host in the / 
etc/resolv.conf of the Neo Freerunner and I can reach what ever  
network my Ubuntu host is attached to - in this case the home network  
and the old dub-dub-dub.

Doing what appears to be the same as UDB Networking, except using  
pand, I setup the Ubuntu host as a "listener" with the "role NAP", put  
the Neo Freerunner in the client role, assign ip addresses with  
ifconfig, setup /etc/resolv.conf as before but all I can ping from the  
Neo Freerunner is the Ubuntu host. In fact I cannot even ping the DNS  
server. Note, I have shutdown USB networking and only the loopback  
interface is active. I've tried adding a default route on the Neo  
Freerunner and still can only ping the Ubuntu host. I've added iptable  
magic to no effect either. Note, the latter two steps were not  
required with USB networking.

Here's my question: what's the same and what's different about USB  
networking and Bluetooth PAN networking? Of course, the follow on, is  
how to get a shared connection through the Ubuntu host with bluetooth  
with the understanding achieved from the answer to the first question.



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