I recently received my freerunner, and am enjoying it so far!

I have mainly been using the qtopia image from qtopia.net, but have 
been regularly updating my kernel from buildhost.openmoko.org.

On doing some testing, I find the following: I can receive SMS messages 
perfectly whilst the phone is on, in qtopia. Not always so well in the GTK 

If the phone is in standby, and I receive a text message, the phone 
wakes up but does not receive a text message. The person sending the 
message does, however, receive a delivery report. This occurs in both 
images as well.

If I then subsequently receive a message after the others, whilst the 
phone is out of standby, I receive all the messages together. Hence, no 
messages are "lost" in the ether, but it seems that messages received 
whilst the phone is on standby are temporarily mislaid.
If there is any information I can provide to help you sort this please just 
let me know. This is one of very few things preventing me using the neo 
as a day to day phone with qtopia.

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