One of the main reasons I got my Freerunner was to play with its GPS
features. I want to be able to use it as a replacement for
closed-source applications like TDS Solo Field and ESRI ArcPad.
Especially I want something that would facilitate my volunteer
"citizen scientist" work

At the rate I am going I will probably never have more than 15 minutes
a day to work towards this.
In spite of this I decided to spell out what I have been thinking
about in a wiki page because it would take too much space here and I
think the interest might not be high enough to clutter up this very
busy list with yet another very involved topic.

I have a GPS in my pocket most of the time. I use a Garmin on my
bicycles and on hikes. I have used various TDS and Trimble and ESRI
products. Being a software developer I want something that I can tweak
and tune and none of these commercial products even comes close to
what I have in mind.

Therefore I started this page: to talk about it
and the intro there says this:
This page was created to address the use cases mentioned in GTA02 GPS, including

    * I want to log GPS data for later analysis.
    * I want to collect GPS data for scientific field work (forestry,
biology, etc)

The page was started on 17 August 2008 mostly as a thought exercise.
Please jump in and add to it.


Brian Wilson
Corvallis Oregon

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