ti, 2008-08-19 kello 18:06 -0400, Geoff Ruscoe kirjoitti:
> I am looking to upgrade my Micro SDHC card and I found:
> a 16GB Sandisk w / 15MB/s speeds.  This sounded like a winner to me,
> but I wasn't sure if it would work.
> The model number is: SDSDRH-016G-A11

Googling this model number finds an SDHC card. _Not_ a µSDHC card. It
will not fit mechanically.

Also, I haven't seen 16G cards (µSDHC ones) on the market yet, though
certainly they're coming. (By the way, a 15MB/s card is kind of overkill
on the FR, it can't manage half that - just for future reference, if you
find yourself wondering whether to spend extra bucks for card speed.)

Anyway, any µSDHC card "should" work. In case of unexpected
incompatibility, 1) finetune the Glamo SD clock and/or other settings
and report back 2) return the card and get a different model.

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