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> Card accesible from outside would be great too. Disassembling hood and SIM
> card is really annoying so far.

A second USB port would be nice, too.

There's a lot of fun to be had in hooking external electronics to the
OM.  Honestly, so much fun that it's really worth exploring.

But, it's not really fair to expect OM to sell (or bundle in) all the
little goodies we'd like, like the X10 transceiver, compass, etc.

Instead, how about two screw bolts around one of the USB connectors
(like the PSP) and some means of getting a little plastic case &
electronics board that plugs in.  I'm thinking more of a listing with
a 3rd party USB enclosure for custom electronics.  Let the community
build the cool stuff, and we'll share what we did!  OM's only got to:
1) decide on a USB enclosure to be physically compatible with
2) add in the screw bolts around a USB port.

And the rest of us can have all the fun hacking away with the possibilities :-)

H. Lally Singh
Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science
Virginia Tech
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