On Tue, 02 Sep 2008 20:06:16 +0200, Mikael Berthe  

> * arne anka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008-09-02 10:57 +0200]:
>> > I do want opkg to update the kernel, but I don't want it to touch  
>> NAND,
>> > because my system is on the SD card.
>> i would expect opkg to update the kernel in /boot -- if you boot from sd
>> it should be the kernel /boot on your sd, if you boot from nand it  
>> should
>> be nand.
> I'm not sure the kernel package scripts have this logic.  I doubt it,
> and that's why I asked ;)

true. thinking the issue over, it's rather likely that the postinst script  
does flashing to an absolute device (/dev/mtdblockSMTH).

> I tried to find a kernel package to check but I couldn't find one.

how's that?
if you don't find a kernel package then probably none would be installed.
if you got an opkg based distribution installed that already had a kernel  
upgrade via opkg, look into /usr/lib/opkg/ (i think).
either there or in a  subdirectory should be a file called  
kernel....postinst -- have a look at that script what exactly happens when  
furthermore, opkg might have an option to not execute scripts upon  

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