* arne anka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008-09-03 10:48 +0200]:
> > I tried to find a kernel package to check but I couldn't find one.
> how's that?
> if you don't find a kernel package then probably none would be installed.
> if you got an opkg based distribution installed that already had a kernel  
> upgrade via opkg, look into /usr/lib/opkg/ (i think).

Aha, you're right!  I was trying to download an opk file, didn't think
of looking the opkg directory (for some reason I was convinced that opkg
removes these scripts to gain some space).

So Qtopia's postinst script contains

    if [ -f /etc/default/flashkernel ] ; then
        echo "Upgrading Kernel in Flash"
        echo "DO NOT stop this process"
        touch /etc/default/flashkernel

(I'll check OM2008, I suppose it's the same.)

So doing
 rm /etc/default/flashkernel ; opkg upgrade
seems to do what I want.  I'll try it.

I wonder why the file is created when it doesn't exist, however.

> furthermore, opkg might have an option to not execute scripts upon  
> installation.

Maybe, but that would apply to all packages upgraded by an
"opkg upgrade" session.

Thanks for the hint, Arne!

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