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> Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> > the illume keyboard is the one with "full qwerty" and no fancy graphics..
> > also able to have fancy graphics just by a theme changes and can also do
> > prediction (correction) or no correction as desired (the terminal keyboard
> > layout basically disabled any dictionary lookup/correction as it sends keys
> > directly as pressed and doesn't compose in the buffer, but the default
> > layout does compose words and thus use whatever dictionary you have
> > selected). it supports multiple dictionaries at the same time (just select
> > the system one) a personal dictionary (where anything you type gets added
> > in and thus the keyboard learns your typing habits), and also supports
> > multiple keyboard layouts (where you just can edit a .kbd data file to
> > define a new keyboard layout and add extra keys or remove them, shuffle
> > them around etc.)
> I was wondering... Why not adding a special option under dictionaries 
> not to use a dictionary at all and disabling the spell check while 
> writing? I know that the same can do editing the keyboards file, but you 
> can figure that this is quite annoying if you'd like to have more 
> keyboard layouts and you should "rewrite" them not to use the spell 
> check correction.

just use the Terminal layout then. as such the dictionary lookup ALWAYS gives
you exactly what you typed too as an option (even if you didn't hold and press
to drag and select in zoom mode). it may not be listed as the most likely thing
- so press the dict button, but it will LEARN so after you have entered the
things you do use once - they will turn up.

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