I got a little bored today and somewhat inspired to write a script 
to help those flashing their freerunner or 1973 often. dfu-utils has to 
have a -d argument if you have multiple DFU capable devices on your 
computer. I got tired of typing out the -d and hex code or copy and 
paste so I wrote a nifty script that does that part of it for you.

    To use this script just login to your linux-machine as root and make 
sure that dfu-utils is in your path, if not go ahead and edit the PATH= 
line by appending :/path/to/your/script/folder to the end of that line.

    Example usage:
       ./ fr kernel uImage-something.image.bin

    Please note this does NOT check to see if you are using a valid 
.image.bin, .bin, or .jffs2 so make sure that all file names are correct 
before pressing enter. The script will be on GForge soon but for now the 
script is available at

-Shawn "prjktdtnt" Thompson

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