Hi list,

I finally managed to download the FDOM 20080909 here in Tchad - over a 
128kbps line this takes some time ;) After fighting with the device and
suppressing the old debian from the MicroSD-card, it kind of runs nice.
So here are my first impressions:

- Delete OMView - I don't see the idea of this file-browser. On my phone
it shows a very small font and I don't get it anyway
- Delete the installer at the bottom of the display - it's useless and
takes away space
- Suspend/Resume doesn't work reliably. Reading the list I tried
   * starting with external power attached -> it works
   * starting without external power attached -> it doesn't
  well, I tried only 2 times, so this might not be statistically 
conclusive. Anybody else sees the same thing?
- SSH not working - I have to restart it by hand. I'm looking into this one
- MicroSD corruption - I got bitten by this one. But I can't recall 
whether it's the FDOM or the Debian I had on it.

Besides that, I changed the main SIM-card again to the NEO, I'll try it 
again as my main phone. And phypt rocks! You just need the keyboard to 
restart levels and such.



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