Kishore wrote:
> I am new to this community. I just got myself the freerunner a couple of 
> days back. I am a fairly experienced user of Linux/Debian/Kubuntu on 
> the desktop and this is my first experience with something like the 
> freerunner.
> Anyway i am happy with the hardware and i have been through the wiki 
> and am still trying to make my way through the amount of information 
> available in there.
> The first thing i did after the free runner landed was i reflashed the 
> firmware to the 2008.8. I have it boothing but i have not go tit to do 
> anything useful. Wifi does not connect and the GPS does not work. 
> There exists no filemanager/ media player by default and so essentially i 
> still have nothing usable.
> I would appreciate anyone guiding me or pointing me to a location 
> where i can get the needed information. What i need to being is
> 1) Get the wifi to connect. It currently invariably always says something 
> like "Error: Unable to connect to the network"
> 2) Get my GPS working. TangoGPS says no GPS found and "locations" 
> says unable to get a fix.
> 3) How do i exchange data between my PC and the FR so that i could 
> push my MP3's and documents etc.
> 4) A good music player, web browser and PDF reader.
> Thanks to everyone who made this product what it is. Over the next 
> couple of months i wish to have my Qt apps i've written for the desktop 
> ported to this platform. In that regard i have not read anywhere about it 
> but i hope the USB port operates in host mode and i would need it to 
> interface with certain USB (1.1) hardware.
Try flashing FDOM, has a lot of little fixes in it.

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