Hi there,
trying to flash the new releases ...jffs as roofs, I get an exception
not being able to flash from dfu-util and on the FreeRunner, "End of
write exceeds particion end". Anything in my setup that is wrong?


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On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 5:15 AM, David Samblas
> Hi all,
> on http://compartida.net/openmoko/FDOM/ you have disponible the new FDOM
> release.
> I have just erase previous release because there are some annoying bugs
> withs calls and no sound.
> But his has gone thanks to nickd,
> This release  is not as tested as 2008.08 ones but include things, that
> sure,  gonna make you smile, 29 Games :), orrery 2.0, a mplayer frontend
> pythm, and things than have the last updated not anounced jalimo with
> java se and me, navit, linphone (not tested but surely some people will
> smile twice, isn't it Michel Siloh? :) ) in addition to FDOM
> "classics" :)
> As you may notice this is a large amount of programs so in order to not
> blow away the home with icons I have included a raw,dirty, and a little
> bit slow script in pygtk that acts as popupmenu /usr/bin/FDsubmenu.py,
> surely a c/elf program will be more quick and integrated but just I have
> no time to learn it(yet). Futures versions will include the icon image.
> Feel free to modify and add features of course.
> Regarding colaborations , First thanks nacho and armin because without
> them this release will has not been posible,
> if you want to colaborate reporting bugs,improvements or sugestions we
> have a project in http://projects.openmoko.org/projects/fdom/ with a
> devel list
> http://lists.projects.openmoko.org/mailman/listinfo/fdom-development
> thanks to armin, we have also a svn server svn://zoup.org/Fdom with an
> 2008.09 that we want to transform in a better FDOM but here I call for
> help, Armin has his neo temporaly out of order, and I was unable to put
> the svn checkout to boot in a sd card, I want to do this to be able to
> have a quick way to summit changes, and have a more efective way to make
> various people to tweak the distro at same time.
> So if any one succeded to boot froma svn extraction please contacr us to
> tell us how
> I will try to update the wiki tomorrow with the modifications but any
> help will be apreciated here too :)
> I have not included the kernel image because still the 2008.09 one
> http://downloads.openmoko.org/releases/Om2008.9/Om2008.9.uImage.bin
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