> The FR still takes some minutes to get a fix when in a moving vehicle, and
> anywhere inside a building, it is as if it never worked.
> Nothing new

Speaking from daily experience the FR is in no way less sensitive than any
other GPSr I have used or was around with while geocaching, and that is my
main reason I bought it! Actually just this weekend I was caching in a city,
and while reception was generally very good, when I noticed a drift in one
spot the Garmin Colorado my colleague had with her showed the same erratic

And with recent SW, first-fix-times have gone down immensely: I hardly ever
need more than 40s, and when standing still I can barely set up tangogps
before I have a signal - moving on a bike is a different story, but putting
it upright in the pocket is the key here.
This is all with 2008.9 and newer kernel, HW fix applied manually.

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